Internet Relay Chat Network

Running a small chat network. For best expirience use our DNS-Round-Robin to connect to a random stable IRC-server of this network:

Make sure you know our terms of service/privacy policy before connecting. You will get banned, if you misbehave.

Terms of Service

These simple rules apply to every user and every channel on this network and may change at any time. Please make sure you know them.
We will NEVER actively scan traffic for rule violations.
However, if staff notices or users complain, we WILL take action.
If you do not fully agree with these rules, do not connect to this IRC network!

Keep it legal

We do not want child porn, nazis, or other crap on this network!
This network falls under Austrian jurisdiction (Kangaroos in Austria) and is partially bound by the usage policy of the Vienna University of Technology.

Kindergarden is somewhere else

This is an university-network. Live up to it.

Be excellent to each other

Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Use your brain to determine what is OK and what is not!


All servers in this IRC-Network are configured to log nothing of your communication.
The only logging we have are Oper-Login attempts and OperServ usage attempts. Also emails sent via services are logged.


This network runs IRC services.

Registered nicknames expire after about 190 days of not being used, deleting any data associated with the nickname (memos, registered channels, settings, …).

Registered channels expire after about 180 days of not being used, deleting any data associated with that channel (memos, settings, access lists, …).

Only Astra, someone and viper can do services-magic and can view or modify the database. No others will be granted access to the data.
This unfortunately does not protect the used software from containing exploitable bugs or the server from being hacked, therefore use a password you do not use anywhere else.

Sidenote (eMail-address)

In order to reset your password OR to get notified of new memos (read: offline messages) by MemoServ, you have to supply NickServ with an email address on registration.
If you absolutely do not want to give us an email address, feel free to use an invalid one.
However, remember that if you forget your NickServ-password you will be unable to recover your credentials and will have to wait for your nick to expire to re-register it.